GCC WhatsApp Group

The GCC WhatsApp group is for those who are part of our gathered church life together, and is primarily used to:
  • share GCC news and information about activities,
  • share prayer requests and updates/testimonies.

Since it is a large group, it is important we follow the guidelines below so as to enable us all to benefit from appropriate sharing, encouragement and challenge:

  1. Do share your news/request with your mini-group or a good friend first before sharing it in the WhatsApp group, to ensure you are getting their support and input as you share more widely.
  2. Do provide some context for your message, so that people who might not know you well can understand and engage with your news/request/update.
  3. Do share an update on prayer requests after a few days to encourage people to keep praying and/or to share answers to prayer.
  4. Don’t share requests/encouragements more than once, unless there are significant changes in the situation.
  5. Don’t reply to messages in the group (e.g. to say you are praying), to prevent an overload of messages and people potentially missing the initial message. Instead, where appropriate to do so, reply directly to the author with a personal word of encouragement.
  6. Don’t share on behalf of others unless they are unable to do so themselves and you have their explicit permission, so as to encourage everyone to participate in the community and ensure privacy for all concerned.